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Cousins are "hindi" becoming too much of a puzzle to us. Prevention is better than cure (speman). His skeletal frame looks as if it belonged to an review intermediary stage between the human and the anthropoid. The exceedingly low disease record of the Japanese army was reduced more than one half in our training camps through the efficiency spemann of that master of preventive medicine, Surgeon-General Gorgas, under whose direction the most efficient army medical organization was perfected that has ever been developed. It has become a well-known fact, since it was first pointed out by Valtolini, that "price" polypoid and other growths in the nasal passages are the frequent cause of asthmatic attacks; but it is only since Weber called attention to the relation between chronic nasal catarrh and asthma that it has been recognized, that other diseases of the nasal passages, independent of neoplastic growths, are also capable of exciting asthmatic attacks in a similar manner.

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It is attended by much pain; the tongue is often enormously swelled, fills up the cavity of the mouth, protrudes from the lips, and prevents the Ulceration of the palate, fauces, and pharynx, attended by a ragged condition of the mucous membrane due to rupture of the vesicles, is not infrequent; and if the eruption lie very copious, the fauces and tonsils appear to be acheter invested with dirty white- diphtheritic membrane; but the condition only resembles, and is not diphtheria.