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For securing local anesthesia he prefers eucaine to cocaine, and he also believes that this agent is much to be preferred to the injection of simple water for the same object, on account of the large amount dosing of fluid required in the latter case. Et is ime aderur antrax, oir is inann antrum tri Laidin dubh don cinel sin, ar "weight" ndul decc arna osglugad (no) le snathuidh. Let it be understood that not more of fusion either surface must be done at a time than can be spread perfectly flat upon the table, and the hand can conveniently reach; likewise the soap must be quite sponged off one portion before the soaped flannel is applied to another portion. In the case of our patient, the growth was of moderate size and strictly confined to the eyeball, the optic nerve being healthy, and the orbital cavity to free. Recovered from ether well y haQ almost no pain, and slept "medication" well first night after operation. He was then induced, by the urgency of 150 Dr Armstrong, to take up his residence in London, instead of going to an inland town, which his own modesty and perhaps his own taste had led him to select.

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